Planting the Seed

On May 20th, 2014 over 70 folks from across the Almaguin Highlands gathered at Highlander Brew Co. to discover why “Together, We’re Better“.

Almaguin Umbrella Kick off event at Highlander Brew Co in South River May 20, 2014Attendees came together to identify and celebrate the breadth of resources and experiences our community has to offer through our people and organizations, as well as to create the foundation of a community resource network to help us learn about one another and together grow the region’s vitality.

Who attended? Members from a wide variety of community organizations and businesses with an interest in growing the size and number of events and the quality of experiences available to residents and visitors to the Almaguin Highlands.

Afterwards a short survey of participants highlighted the following 4 needs in our community of Almaguin Highlands:

  1. We need to bring our marketing resources (events, maps, trails, parks, etc.) together across the entire Almaguin region. (Agree: 32 Unsure: 2 Disagree: 1)
  2. We need to be more informed about the resources and events in our community. (Agree: 33 Unsure: 3 Disagree: 0)
  3. We need to do more to help people plan successful events. (Agree: 30 Unsure: 3 Disagree: 1)
  4. A region-wide brand is important. (Agree: 29 Unsure: 6 Disagree: 0)

The Almaguin Umbrella project proposes solutions to these four challenges.

There is excitement and buzz growing. In the next few months we’ll define our next steps.  Won’t you join us?

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