Wasn’t that a Launch Party?

The McLean's Get the Party StartedThanks to Riverbowl for hosting the Almaguin Umbrella Launch Party on October 14th, 2014.

Check out photos from the event.  Thank you to Gwenith Kikkawa for manning the camera most of the night.

Douglas and Arlene McLean got the party started and Tree Ring Records founder Sean Cotton finished off the night with some great local songs.  Sean also explained to attendees how Tree Ring Records is bringing together local musicians under one brand that is gaining nationwide attention while delivering a “100 Mile Diet” of musical tastes to audiences in Almaguin/Muskoka and beyond.

A number of thank you’s are in order, especially to the Launch Party planning team: Gwenith Kikkawa, Tim Lucier, Ingrid O’Gorman, Bob Weaver, Todd Lucier, Romano Marchi, Michele Bateman.  Have a gander and peak through the window on the evenings festivities.