Almaguin Umbrella Committee – Terms of Reference (pdf)
As approved by the Almaguin Umbrella Project Committee (Feb 19th, 2015)


  • To foster vitality in the Almaguin Highlands by contributing to the social, economic and environmental success of the region. To  showcase regional events, attractions and experiences; sharing an inclusive, region-wide vision of the benefits of visiting and living in the Almaguin Highlands.

Vision: Almaguin Highlands is widely recognized as a great place to live, work, explore and discover.

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  • Survey the community and develop a comprehensive inventory of community assets (maps, farmer’s markets, farms, trails, accommodations, activities/attractions, day-trips, scenic drives, studio tours, restaurants, parks, arenas, picnic areas, campgrounds, boat launches, community organizations, recreation service providers, calendar of events, etc.).
  • Put the community resources online on one website so community members or anyone visiting the region can access information across the entire region quickly and easily using handheld devices like tablets and smart-phones and internet-connected computers.

  • To create a unifying brand identity that captures the essence of the best of Almaguin Highlands that will grow in reputation to have as strong a resonance as Algonquin Park or Muskoka.

  • Create an event planning resource for event planners, conference organizers and community organizations to encourage the growth of community events and nurture the establishment of new events.


  • Inclusiveness

  • Citizen Engagement

  • Community / Business Development

  • Region-wide Municipality Support